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The word that has been brought up quite a bit past few years and not only in connection to the famous Hamilton musical.

But mostly with the Hamilton Beach Brand. The company is continuously bringing some new and fresh cooking toys to play with.

Today I am going to take a closer look at their Extra-Large Stay or Go Portable 10-Quart Slow Cooker with Lid Lock. Extra-large slow cooker with an extra long name.

From time to time, I wonder why everybody has the desire to put all features into the name of the product. Maybe they are worried that people don’t read or are not focused enough, but I digress from the point. 

So, what’s the thing that got my attention? Well, first of all, its size is impressive. (That’s what she said. I know, I am fifteen in my mind.)

But seriously. Its size is imposing. 10 quart (9.4 liters)? That’s something capable of feeding a big family or friends gathering. Double the size, double the fun, right? 

Let me tell you right now, you can fit a beautiful big piece of pork should in there and still have a lot of room spared for onions, garlic, BBQ sauce, and whatever rocks your boat in your pulled pork. 

And by big, I mean a real beast of eighteen pounds (that’s over 8kg for our European friends). With meat like that, you can have quite a night, trust me! (I am not going to make the joke again.)

So let’s get to the bone of this beast. 

How it handles? Is it all shine and no function? Or does it deliver as promised? And are there any additional features to look for?

The Design

Apart from being quite big, about as big as your average grandma, Extra-Large Stay or Go Portable 10-Quart Slow Cooker with Lid Lock has a clean design. No whistles and gizmos without explanation.

It is as simple as you could imagine. Sizeable slow cooker with four settings, namely High, Low, Warm, and Off. Nothing fancy. Turn and enjoy. Simple. As this is a much bigger slow cooker than you would usually see, it goes almost without saying that it doesn’t have any digital display. 

Don’t be afraid of these I have more about each setting in another article that is precisely about the slow cooker temperatures.

The shiny black color goes perfectly with white letters, the big brand name on the front, and a little warning sign: HOT SURFACE.

The lid is made out of the seethrough glass with a long plastic strip finished with little inward-facing hooks, going from one long end to the other. Topped with the knob on top for easier handling.

The sides of the slow cooker are equipped with clamps. These little bastards gave me a bit of a fight at the beginning, but after a while, I got used to them. More about them below, but let me tell you they are sturdy and metal. 

Handles below the locks are made out of hard plastic, and they handle nicely. Of course, if you have big strongman hands, they will be a bit small, but what is not, right?

Your everyday cook can handle them quite easily. 

All and all, it is a big thing that will sit wherever you put it and stay there till it is time to move it. When filled with anything, you can bet it won’t be moving anywhere anytime soon.

Lid Lock

It is something I have wished for some time. Every family gathering I have gone to with my wife, she had to drive super slow and careful. As I was taking care of a slow cooker filled with yummy goodness, so it won’t spill any of its contents out. 

And believe me, these trips were no fun at all. Not to mention, they took almost five times longer than they should.

But with the lid lock on we have this problem no more. 

As mentioned above, it is a bit harder to fit it on hooks, which are placed on the lid, but you will get used to it. As an added bonus, it fills you with a feeling of tightness. 

The first goes on smoothly, but in the second one you have to fight a bit, use some strength, but once clamped, you know it won’t spill anything. 

So no more slow trips for us anymore! Or you for that matter. You will see how happy it will make you when you see your masterpiece juggling around the pot being covered again and again with the juices. 

Sight for gods.


This part is the most important one. 

So, how it cooks?

As expected, but much longer. You have to realize that most recipes ex[ect you to have a four to six-quart slow cooker.

This is a bit different. So do remember when calculating, you have to double or triple the times needed. Or in general, use it for recipes that benefit from long cooking times.

Soups or broths jump immediately to my mind. And I have to say I have done quite a few of them since I got this Extra-Large Stay or Go Portable 10-Quart Slow Cooker with Lid Lock. 

Just put it on High to bring it quickly to boil, take the foam off and switch it to Warm for a time, which will keep the temperature around 180°F (about 82°C) in this baby. 

After about a day (I know it is a long time, but you know as well as me, that great things are worth it) of cooking, you have both to die for.


A beautiful, big, slow cooker that is an excellent fit for large families, friends are gathering for the Super Bowl, pre-making meals for shift workers, or anyone who wants to cook a large amount of anything. 

I have to try a huge cake. I will and get back to you with this experiment, but until then, I do have to recommend to you getting this one. 

Even if you use it only a couple of times a year, it will save you a lot of time and nerves. Trust me. You don’t want to be cooking in ten-plus pots, just because you are under-equipped, and it is your turn to host.

However, you decide it is your choice, but I am gonna keep this one as my secret weapon. 

Until next time I wish you a happy and comfortable cooking.

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