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Magic Mill sounds like a location out of a fairytale story or Dungeons and Dragons game. 

I would have never thought that something sounding so cute, could be the name of a company.

So today we will take a look at Magic Mill 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker Crock Pot and the first thing that got my attention on this one were the locks on the lid.

In most cases, you would have your standard hooks to lock the lid with, but in this case, it is the slow cooker equipped with two push-down hook legs on each side.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but we will get to more details later. 

Now, as is customary here, let us get to the nitty-gritty and see how this slow cooker fairs in the cooking game.

The Design

With the size of 8.5 quarts, we are looking at no small addition to your kitchen here. Not as big as other members of the family of slow cookers with locking lids, but still quite significant. 

It is excellent for more prominent families or bigger / longer cooking projects of yours. 

It comes to you with a see-through glass lid that is topped with a heavy feeling plastic knob on top for full grip handling. 

The sides of the lid have two massive mechanisms that go straight into locks located at the hands of the slow cooker. 

The body has a silver color with a matte finish. This pairs very well with the black color of the pot itself, glass lid, and black locks.

The handles on a side are not so great, in my opinion. The whole thought behind them is that you would use them only in the case of the lid being locked down with locks. 

So whenever you are transporting it anywhere, you have to wrap your whole hands around the locks, which is fiddly at best and feels a bit uncomfortable. 

You will get used to it, but in the beginning, I was a bit surprised and struggling slightly with it.

The front of the Magic Mill is dominated by medium-size controls on the front side, overlooked by the Magic Mill logo.

The control panel itself is digital but in its purest form. You have your turn on / off button. Mode for selecting High, Low, and Warm settings and plus and minus for time defining. 

An excellent addition is a fact that you can increase/decrease the time by 30 minutes increments up to 20 hours of cooking time. A great thing in times when most slow cookers go to a maximum of 12 hours. 

Nothing too fancy. Just how I like it.

Lid Lock

As I have mentioned above, the lid-locking system is quite intriguing. You have these two big leg-hooks on each side of the slow cooker, which you are snaping in the locks on the sides. 

The only way how to do this without fighting the thing was to make sure that the leg hooks are in the same position. And to lock them down both at the same time. 

To be honest, in the beginning, you will struggle with this. I did, and most people I know who have this slow cooker did too, but in the end, we have all agreed on one thing. 

You cannot exchange safety for convenience. 

As with anything else, you have compromise and safety, locking the lid on your slow cooker is one of them. 

Other than that, the locks fell quite massive. As they should. In the end, you have two big pieces of sturdy plastic on the side of your slow cooker screwed down to the lid. So yeah, the feeling is expected. 

Even though they can seem like a challenge at first, they are fulfilling their purpose. You have your tightly sealed slow cooker, ready to be taken anywhere without fear of spilling anything. 

And as an added bonus, the locking mechanism is complicated enough that the child won’t be able to open it. 

It can also handle quite a big juggling around, like when you hit a hole in the driveway to your parents’ house. It won’t spill anything. And isn’t it the main point of the slow cooker with a lockable lid?


My favorite part of any review. 

So how does the cooking in the Magic Mill 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker Crock Pot feels? Would you believe me that it is magical? Don’t worry I won’t tell you that. 

But the size of 8.5 quarts (about 8 liters) feels nice and spacious enough for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Ideal for a four-member family (yep, we eat a lot, don’t judge us). Cooking in this sizeable slow cooker is as easy and straightforward as in any other. But the stoneware from which is the pot made brings a bit heavier and, for lack of a better word, the more sure feel of cooking.  

I know it’s considered standard these days, but from time to time, I still run into companies that try to go cheap on this, and in most cases, it is not the right choice.

But in this case, we are covered. 

Throughout multiple meals and tests, I have not encountered any major problem that would have caused me not to recommend buying this slow cooker.


I am a bit torn. 

On the one hand, You have here almost classic with the added bonus of an innovative locking lid. On the other, this innovation comes with its own problems. Mainly in terms of the locking mechanism itself. 

While on one side, it is firm and tight, on the other, it is quite hard and fiddly to do, so the final judgment is hard. 

Trying to stay as objective here as possible, I have to say I would repurchase it. Not overlooking its problems, but understanding they come with the territory. 

The lid should be safe. And in this case, it is. 

So with Magic Mill 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker Crock Pot, you are not buying some life-changing piece of tech, but a reliable product that will serve you well.  

And that is something that in my book is more important than all the whistles in the world. 

Until next time I wish you smooth and happy cooking.

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