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As a seasoned home cook and pressure cooking enthusiast, I understand the importance of using the right tools for success in the kitchen. One essential accessory for pressure cooking in an Instant Pot is the trivet, which helps to elevate food and prevent it from burning during the cooking process. But what if you don’t have a trivet on hand? In this article, I’ll share with you my top 7 alternatives to using a trivet in your Instant Pot, so you can achieve pressure cooking success without any barriers.

Did you know that with the right alternative accessories, you can achieve the same results as using a traditional trivet in your Instant Pot? By incorporating these substitutes into your cooking routine, you’ll be able to create delicious meals with ease and confidence. Stick around as we explore some innovative options that will elevate your pressure cooking game!

Key Takeaways

  • Steamer baskets, colanders, and silicone pressure slings are great trivet substitutes for the Instant Pot.
  • Aluminum foil or plates can be used to lift food off the bottom of the pot for even cooking.
  • For pot-in-pot cooking, use glass bowls or silicone egg molds instead of a trivet.
  • A springform pan is good for baking in an Instant Pot and works as a trivet replacement.
  • An Instant Pot accessory set often includes tools that can act as trivet alternatives.

Explanation of the topic

I love my Instant Pot for its fast and easy cooking, but sometimes I can’t find the trivet that came with it. The trivet is super important. It lifts food up from the bottom so heat can circulate properly.

This stops your meal from burning and keeps all those yummy flavors locked in.

If you’re missing your Instant Pot trivet, don’t worry! You have plenty of things around your kitchen that can take its place. We’ll explore how to keep pressure cooking without a hitch using items like steamer baskets or even aluminum foil – clever hacks to make sure our meals turn out perfect every time.

Importance of trivets in cooking with the Instant Pot

So, we’ve covered what the Instant Pot is all about. Now let’s talk trivets. They’re key to pressure cooking success with this handy appliance. Trivets play a huge role in the kitchen, especially when using an Instant Pot.

They keep your food off the bottom of the pot. This helps you cook evenly without getting a burn message.

Using a trivet means better flavors and more nutrients in your meals. It also lets you make different dishes at once, saving time and effort. Say goodbye to mushy veggies or dry meat! With a trivet, everything comes out just right.

What is a Trivet?

A trivet is a heat-resistant stand or platform used to elevate pots and pans off the surface of a countertop or table.

To find out more about the benefits of using a trivet in an Instant Pot and the top 7 alternatives, keep reading!

Definition of a trivet

A trivet is a heat-resistant metal or silicone stand that elevates food from the bottom of the Instant Pot, allowing for even cooking and preventing burning. It helps in preserving nutrients and flavors by lifting the food above the boiling liquid while creating space to cook multiple recipes at once.

The trivet also assists in avoiding the “burn” message that can appear when too little liquid is used, ensuring successful pressure cooking results.

Now let’s explore the benefits of using a trivet in an Instant Pot.

Purpose of a trivet

A trivet is essential in pressure cooking to elevate the food from the bottom of the pot, ensuring even heat distribution and preventing burning. This accessory aids in preserving nutrients and flavors while allowing you to cook multiple recipes at once.

Using a trivet also helps avoid the “burn” message, which can occur when food comes into direct contact with the heating element.

Trivets are crucial for successful pressure cooking; they support your dishes, preserve flavors and nutrients, and enable multi-recipe meals without any risk of burning.

How to use a trivet in an Instant Pot

To use a trivet in an Instant Pot, place it inside the pot before adding any ingredients. Add the required amount of water based on the recipe. Then, position the food container or dish on top of the trivet to elevate it from direct contact with the water.

This ensures even cooking and prevents burning while allowing pressure to build up for efficient cooking. It’s important to remember that using a trivet is essential when steaming or cooking foods that need to be kept separate from direct heat.

Additionally, you can utilize heat-resistant materials like stainless steel or silicone accessories as alternatives if a trivet is not available. These substitutes also help maintain nutrients and flavors while avoiding sticking and scorching issues commonly associated with pressure cooking at high temperatures.

Benefits of Using a Trivet in an Instant Pot

Using a trivet in an Instant Pot helps preserve the nutrients and flavors of your food while preventing the dreaded “burn” message. It also allows you to cook multiple recipes at once, saving time and making meal prep more efficient.

Preserving nutrients and flavors

Preserving nutrients and flavors Elevating food with a trivet or its alternatives nutrient-rich meal

Using steam to cook also locks in the flavors of your dish, leading to more vibrant and tasty results. These simple techniques can make a significant difference in the quality of your pressure-cooked meals, providing both nourishment and delightful taste experiences.

Avoiding the “burn” message

To avoid the “burn” message in the Instant Pot, it’s crucial to use a trivet or its alternatives. Elevating food from the bottom of the pot prevents scorching and ensures even cooking.

Steamer baskets, stackable inserts, and silicone muffin cups are great substitutes for a trivet, providing heat resistance and support for pressure cooking various foods like meats, vegetables, and desserts.

Ensuring there is enough liquid in the pot is also vital to prevent burning.

The key to preventing the “burn” message is using accessories that elevate food from direct heat. Whether it’s a steamer basket or stackable insert, these options provide excellent support for pressure cooking without scorching your dishes.

Cooking multiple recipes at once

Cooking multiple recipes at once in the Instant Pot helps save time and energy. By using stackable inserts or silicone molds, different dishes such as chicken and rice can be cooked simultaneously.

This method reduces overall cooking time while ensuring each recipe retains its distinct flavors and textures. Utilizing trivet alternatives like stackable stainless steel pans or glass bowls allows for efficient multitasking, making meal prep a breeze.

– Top 7 Instant Pot Trivet Alternatives

Top 7 Instant Pot Trivet Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to a trivet in your Instant Pot? From using a steamer basket to aluminum foil and plates, there are several creative options to consider. These alternatives will help ensure pressure cooking success without the need for a traditional trivet.

Steamer basket

The steamer basket is an excellent alternative to the trivet for cooking vegetables and delicate foods in the Instant Pot. It keeps food elevated from the bottom, allowing steam to circulate and cook evenly.

Additionally, it’s versatile enough for other tasks like steaming dumplings or fish, making it a handy and multipurpose accessory for your pressure cooking needs.

Remember, using a steamer basket requires at least one cup of liquid in the pot to generate enough steam for pressure cooking. Also, be sure to avoid overcrowding the basket with too much food as it may affect its ability to cook everything properly.

Colander or strainer

A colander or strainer can serve as a great alternative to a trivet in the Instant Pot. Placing food on top of a colander or strainer allows it to be lifted above the water level, ensuring even cooking and preventing items from getting soggy.

These kitchen staples are heat resistant and can effectively hold various foods like vegetables, seafood, and eggs. Using them in the Instant Pot provides versatility for different types of recipes while maintaining the integrity of the dishes.

The colander or strainer is versatile and can be used with a variety of foods for both savory and sweet recipes. Its high heat resistance makes it durable enough to withstand pressure cooking without compromising its functionality.

Aluminum foil and plates

Aluminum foil can be crumpled and used as a makeshift trivet in the Instant Pot to elevate food from the bottom, allowing for even cooking. Aluminum plates or shallow bowls can also serve as a substitute for a trivet, providing support and preventing direct contact with the heating element.

These alternatives are heat resistant and versatile, making them suitable for various recipes that require pressure cooking. They are cost-effective and readily available in most kitchens, offering practical solutions when the trivet is not at hand.

Silicone pressure sling offers another option specifically designed for Instant Pot users. This silicone accessory provides similar functionality to a traditional trivet by elevating food while remaining flexible enough to fit into different pot sizes.

Silicone pressure sling

Switching to another Instant Pot trivet alternative, the silicone pressure sling is a versatile tool in pressure cooking. Its heat resistance and flexibility make it ideal for lifting out containers or multiple dishes from the Instant Pot.

This accessory also aids in easy removal of hot bowls and plates while ensuring a secure grip. The silicone pressure sling offers convenience and safety when handling hot food items inside the Instant Pot, making it an essential addition to your cooking tools collection.

Pie tin

A pie tin can be a versatile and effective trivet alternative for your Instant Pot. It provides a stable base to elevate dishes, allowing the heat to circulate evenly for thorough cooking without burning.

This kitchen gadget also helps in preparing multiple recipes at once, making it a handy alternative when your trivet is not available. Whether you’re steaming vegetables or cooking delicate seafood, a pie tin can serve as an excellent substitute.

Moving on to “Springform pan” – let’s explore another great trivet alternative that adds flexibility to your pressure cooking experience.

Springform pan

The springform pan is a versatile tool that can be used as a trivet substitute in the Instant Pot. Its adjustable sides and removable bottom make it ideal for layering foods or creating pot-in-pot recipes.

This heat-resistant alternative is perfect for baking cheesecakes, lasagnas, or even steamed vegetables in the Instant Pot, adding diversity to your pressure cooking experience.

The springform pan provides a stable base and allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, expanding your cooking options with the Instant Pot. By using it as an alternative trivet, you can unlock new possibilities for preparing both savory and sweet dishes with ease while preserving the flavors of your ingredients.

Instant Pot Accessories to Use as Trivet Substitutes

Glass bowl for pot-in-pot cooking, silicone egg mold, and an Instant Pot accessory set can also be used as trivet substitutes to elevate your food in the Instant Pot. To discover even more alternatives and tips for successful pressure cooking, keep reading!

Glass bowl for pot-in-pot cooking

A glass bowl serves as an excellent substitute for a trivet in pot-in-pot cooking, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. By placing the bowl on top of your main dish and adding water around it, you can easily cook rice, vegetables, or desserts alongside your primary recipe without any mixing of flavors.

This method is perfect for preparing complete meals efficiently in the Instant Pot while also preserving valuable nutrients.

Moving on to another alternative, let’s explore the versatility of using a silicone egg mold in pot-in-pot cooking.

Silicone egg mold

Transitioning from pot-in-pot cooking to another useful substitute, the silicone egg mold is a handy accessory for your Instant Pot. This versatile tool can be used not just for making perfectly shaped eggs but also for creating individual portions of mini cheesecakes, meatloaf, and even muffins.

The heat-resistant material makes it perfect for use in your pressure cooker and offers an easy alternative to a traditional trivet. With the silicone egg mold, you can effortlessly cook multiple dishes at once without worrying about flavors mixing.

The silicone egg mold is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing the potential of your Instant Pot. Its flexibility allows for creativity in cooking various recipes while ensuring that each portion cooks evenly within the pot.

Instant Pot accessory set

Transitioning from silicone egg mold to Instant Pot accessory set, having the right accessories can make a significant difference in your cooking experience. An Instant Pot accessory set includes items like silicone sealing rings, steamer baskets, and egg racks that can expand the versatility of your pressure cooker.

These accessories are designed to fit perfectly in your Instant Pot, providing support and convenience for various cooking methods such as steaming, baking, and pot-in-pot cooking.

With the assortment of tools available in an Instant Pot accessory set, you can easily elevate your culinary skills with creative and efficient cooking solutions.

The range of kitchen gadgets included in an Instant Pot accessory set offers home cooks a myriad of options to experiment with different recipes while ensuring optimal performance of their pressure cookers.


– Can the Instant Pot be used without a trivet?

– How hot can food get on a trivet in the Instant Pot?

– What are some other alternatives to using a trivet?

Can the Instant Pot be used without a trivet?

Yes, the Instant Pot can be used without a trivet by using alternatives such as a steamer basket, stackable inserts, or silicone muffin cups. These options elevate food from the bottom of the pot, preventing burning and allowing for even cooking.

It’s important to ensure that these alternatives are heat resistant and suitable for pressure cooking. Additionally, items like aluminum foil balls or overturned heatproof bowls can also serve as makeshift trivets when needed.

How hot can food get on a trivet in the Instant Pot?

Food on a trivet in the Instant Pot can reach temperatures of around 212°F (100°C) as it is exposed to steam and direct heat. This temperature is sufficient for thorough and even cooking, ensuring that your meals are safe to eat while preserving their flavors and nutrients.

Choosing appropriate accessories such as silicone molds or stackable inserts can help in managing this heat effectively during pressure cooking, allowing you to create delicious meals with ease.

What are some other alternatives to using a trivet?

When a trivet is not available, alternatives like a steamer basket, colander, aluminum foil and plates, or a silicone pressure sling can be used for successful pressure cooking. These options help elevate food from the bottom of the Instant Pot, allowing for even cooking and preventing burning, similar to the purpose of a trivet.

Additionally, using glass bowls for pot-in-pot cooking or silicone egg molds as substitutes can expand your culinary possibilities with an Instant Pot. Combining these alternatives with heat-resistant support enhances versatility in cooking various dishes without relying solely on a traditional trivet.

– Instant Pot Accessories to Use as Trivet Substitutes


In conclusion, the Instant Pot offers versatile cooking options with its trivet alternatives. These practical and efficient strategies make pressure cooking a breeze. Have you tried any of these substitutes yet? Experiment and discover the impact on your cooking success! Embrace these tips for flavorful and nutrient-rich meals every time.

Take charge of your culinary journey by exploring more accessory options today.


1. What can I use if I don’t have an Instant Pot trivet?

You can use a metal rack, a pressure cooker steamer basket, or any heat-resistant support that fits inside your pressure cooker.

2. Are there DIY alternatives for an Instant Pot trivet?

Yes! Some DIY alternatives include creating a foil ball or using heat-resistant materials like ceramic plates to elevate food in the pot.

3. Can cooking equipment from other kitchen appliances work as a trivet substitute?

Absolutely! Many cooking accessories meant for steaming or elevating food might serve as substitutes, just ensure they are suitable for high-pressure environments.

4. What should I look for in an Instant Pot trivet replacement?

When searching for a replacement, seek out metal stands or racks designed specifically for pressure cooking that resist high temperatures and fit well within your cooker.

5. Do all the top 7 Instant Pot Trivet Alternatives require buying new pressure cooker accessory options?

Not necessarily! While some of the top alternatives may involve purchasing new tools such as a metal stand or basket, others could be homemade solutions using kitchen utensils you already own.

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