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Deep frying is a cooking method that can bring out incredible flavors and textures in food, from crispy french fries to golden brown fried chicken. It’s a popular technique that involves submerging food in hot oil, which cooks it quickly and evenly.

While commercial restaurants typically use large industrial fryers, I find that having a compact and affordable home deep fryer can offer the same delicious results without taking up too much space or draining the wallet.

When looking for the cheapest deep fryer, it’s essential to not sacrifice quality for the price. Durability, safety features like cool-touch exteriors and automatic shut-off, capacity, and ease of cleaning with dishwasher-safe components are factors I consider. Additionally, a handy temperature control can make a world of difference in cooking, ensuring that each dish is fried to perfection.

For those who might be hesitant about purchasing a deep fryer due to health considerations, a cheaper model might be a good entry point. Many affordable fryers now come with features such as oil filtration systems and adjustable thermostat controls that help in cooking more healthily.

Through my search for an inexpensive deep fryer that meets these criteria, I’ve taken into account user reviews, price points, and features that make frying both simple and safe.

Top Affordable Deep Fryers

Finding a good deep fryer doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. I’ve searched for the most budget-friendly options that still offer great performance and quality. Below, you’ll find my top picks for deep fryers that are kind to your wallet and perfect for your fried food cravings.

T-fal EZ Clean Fryer

T-fal Deep Fryer

If you’re after delicious fried treats without a mess, this T-fal deep fryer is the way to go.


  • Fantastic oil filtration system for reuse and easy cleanup
  • Precise temperature control for perfect frying
  • Great capacity for family meals


  • The magnetic power cord might be too short for some
  • Some users reported temperature reading discrepancies
  • Oil can sometimes overflow if not careful

I just fried up some chicken and the results were fantastic – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The oil filtration system really does save on the cleanup time. I didn’t have to fuss over finding a place to store used oil, which was a relief.

The short power cord required a bit of kitchen rearrangement, but it wasn’t a big roadblock. The T-fal EZ Clean Fryer made me feel like a pro, effortlessly managing the temperature and giving me that perfect golden crunch.

For anyone with a busy kitchen or the occasional large gathering, this deep fryer handles volume well. Despite a couple of watch-outs regarding the oil level and the temperature gauge, I’m pleased with the performance and especially the safety features that keep things under control.

Presto Deep Fryer

Presto Deep Fryer

I recently tried out the Presto Deep Fryer and must say, it’s a solid pick for anyone wanting to whip up family-size fried dishes quickly and with ease.


  • Quick preheating and fast oil recovery speeds up the cooking process.
  • Spacious 8-cup capacity handles large batches, perfect for gatherings.
  • Versatile basket design allows for frying and steaming, maximizing its use.


  • The fryer’s size requires considerable storage space.
  • Can be cumbersome to move around, given its weight.
  • It might be overwhelming for those who prefer a more compact kitchen appliance.

Last night, I decided to try my hand at frying some chicken and the Presto Deep Fryer didn’t disappoint. The 1800-watt immersion element meant that I didn’t have to wait long for the oil to heat up. I was able to cook a large batch all at once, which was great because I had friends over and didn’t want to keep them waiting.

Cleaning up afterwards was simpler than I anticipated. Even though it’s a bit bulky and took some effort to find space in my cabinet, the parts disassembled easily, and I could get it all put away without any grease spilling everywhere. A point to note, though, is the size, so if kitchen space is at a premium for you, this might be a factor to consider.

As an avid seafood lover, I find it incredibly handy that this isn’t just for frying; steaming mussels was a breeze with the designated basket. It’s been a treat to have such a multi-functional appliance, especially when the health meter ticks for steamed veggies. Just today, I steamed some broccoli, and they turned out perfectly tender. It’s become a go-to for quick meals that need to impress.

Hamilton Beach Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

After giving the Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer a try, I’m convinced it’s a stellar choice for anyone in need of a fuss-free, economical frying solution.


  • Minimizes splatter with a special lid design
  • Heats up oil swiftly, reducing wait time
  • Simple to clean with removable, dishwasher-safe parts


  • Basket size may be restrictive for larger food items
  • Oil capacity may not suffice for sizable family meals
  • Potential for exterior to become hot despite “cool-touch” claim

The Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer makes home frying a walk in the park. The cool-touch sides are a thoughtful feature, ensuring I don’t accidentally scald myself when I get too enthusiastic flipping chicken tenders. I found the fast heat-up particularly satisfying, as I could get those fries sizzling without enduring long waits.

Having a lid that permits me to lower and lift the basket without exposing myself to oil splatters is a godsend. It keeps my countertop pristine, and watching the golden-brown magic happen through the viewing window is oddly gratifying. Plus, no more guesses when the oil is ready – the ready light has got my back.

Cleaning up post fry-up is not a chore I dread anymore. The non-stick pot slides right into the dishwasher and the detachable elements mean I can de-grease without difficulty. The breakaway cord also makes it effortless to store away, even in my cramped kitchen. This fryer, all in all, feels like a trusty companion for those impromptu fried food cravings.

Chefman Fry Guy

Chefman Fry Guy

I would recommend the Chefman Fry Guy if you’re in need of a compact and convenient fryer without breaking the bank.


  • Terrific for small-scale frying tasks
  • Clean-up is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components
  • Safe to handle with cool-touch exterior


  • Capacity may not suffice for larger families or gatherings
  • Temperature inconsistencies have been reported by some users
  • Non-stick coating might degrade over time

Just pulled out some deliciously crispy chicken from my Chefman Fry Guy, and it was an absolute treat. The compact size meant I could tuck it away in my apartment’s cozy kitchen without losing much counter space. Perfect for my solo dinners or a small get-together with close friends.

The adjustable temperature dial is nifty, allowing me to quickly fry up snacks to the perfect golden-brown. Onion rings, shrimp, and even doughnuts come out just right. Plus, with no mess left behind, thanks to the smartly designed basket, my clean-up time was cut in half.

While it’s been a charm for my small-batch cooking, I can see how it wouldn’t quite cater to a larger crowd. And a friend did mention that their unit struggled to maintain the heat, although I haven’t had such an issue. My main watch-out is to keep an eye on the non-stick coating as it might wear down after multiple uses, but so far, it’s holding up well.

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable fryer that means business, this one from Hamilton Beach could just be your new kitchen sidekick.


  • Fries large batches quickly and evenly, saving precious time.
  • Two baskets allow for dual cooking, maximizing efficiency.
  • The assembly and cleanup process is a breeze with dishwasher-safe parts.


  • The magnetic cord can be tricky to keep connected during use.
  • Some users report the outer surfaces can get quite hot.
  • Condensation build-up under the lid can dripple onto the counter.

I recently whipped up some crispy wings and strings in this Hamilton Beach wonder, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. The large capacity let me cook everything in one go, which is perfect for hosting game days. I found that it heats up pretty fast, maintaining the temperature nicely throughout the frying session.

What struck me was how it simplified cleanup. All I had to do was take it apart and pop the pieces in the dishwasher. No scrubbing or soaking needed. Plus, the two-basket system is perfect for when I want to multitask and fry two different things without mixing flavors.

Now, on to a bit of a downside. The magnetic cord sometimes detached if I moved around the kitchen too much, which could be a bit of an annoyance. I learned to be extra careful while maneuvering around it. Despite that, this deep fryer is my go-to for when I crave that impeccable crunch without the hassle.

Buying Guide

Consider Your Needs

When I’m shopping for a deep fryer, the first thing I consider is what I’ll be using it for. Am I cooking for one or a large group? Do I prefer a manual or digital interface? I think about the volume and frequency of use, as it helps narrow down the important features that suit my lifestyle.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity are crucial. I look at the fryer’s dimensions to ensure it fits in my kitchen. I take note of the oil capacity and basket size, as they determine how much food I can cook at once. It’s vital to choose a size that matches my cooking needs, to avoid overcrowding or making multiple batches.

Temperature Control

A reliable temperature control feature is a must for me. I prefer a deep fryer with a broad temperature range and an easy-to-use thermostat to ensure consistent results. Accurate temperature regulation is key to achieving perfectly fried foods.

Safety Features

Safety is non-negotiable. I check for features like cool-touch exteriors, automatic shut-off, and breakaway cords. These elements are designed to prevent accidents in the kitchen, and I consider them essential, especially with hot oil involved.

Ease of Cleaning

After-use cleanup is something I always consider. I look for non-stick interiors and removable parts that are dishwasher safe. Easy-to-clean components help make the maintenance of the deep fryer less of a hassle.

Price Point

Lastly, I assess the price in relation to the features offered. I ensure that I’m getting good value for the money I’m willing to spend, without compromising on the essential features I need from my deep fryer.

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