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Camping undeniably holds a charm of its own, yet there’s no disputing that preparing meals over an open flame can come with its fair share of predicaments. I understand this struggle completely; the constant battle to distribute heat evenly and prevent food from clinging on can be downright frustrating.

That’s why this article is worth your while – we’ve dug deep into reviews and ratings to find the top 9 cast iron skillets for camping in 2023 to help you conquer your campfire cooking hang-ups.

So ignite that firewood and ready those marshmallows because finding the perfect camp skillet just got a whole lot easier!

Why Cast Iron Skillets Are Great for Camping

Quick Recommendation

Please take a quick look at our product list for some recommendations, or feel free to scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NamePriceDate First AvailableCountry of OriginCustomer ReviewsSpecial Features
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet$19.90September 25, 2002USA4.7 out of 5 stars (106,372 ratings)Use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire. Nonstick coating. Induction Stovetop Compatible. Not dishwasher safe.
Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cast Iron Skillet$99.99March 10, 2009China4.6 out of 5 stars (6,273 ratings)Induction Stovetop Compatible, Dishwasher Safe
Finex Cast Iron Skillet$60.00November 15, 2019USA4.8 out of 5 stars (75 ratings)
Staub Cast Iron Skillet$211.63May 5, 20034.7 out of 5 stars (2,953 ratings)900 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating. Dishwasher Safe. Non Stick.
Field Company Cast Iron Skillet$185.00June 25, 2023USA4.4 out of 5 stars (9 ratings)Oven Safe, Non Stick, Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible
Victoria Cast Iron Skillet$14.85January 16, 2014Colombia4.5 out of 5 stars (819 ratings)Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible, Manual
Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillet$24.99September 14, 2004China4.4 out of 5 stars (198 ratings)Oven Safe
Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet$34.99May 17, 20164.4 out of 5 stars (3,381 ratings)Oven Safe, Non Stick
Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet$27.99March 1, 2017China4.4 out of 5 stars (15,783 ratings)Pre-Seasoned. Nonstick coating. Oven safe up to 450 degrees Celsius

1. 1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Versatile and durable skillet for camping and everyday kitchen use.


  • Made in the USA with high – quality cast iron material
  • Versatile use for cooking in the oven, on the stove, grill, or over a campfire
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleaning
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Compatible with various heat sources including induction stovetop
  • Durable and long – lasting product that requires hand wash only

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, with its 10.25-inch diameter and signature teardrop handle, is our No.1 pick for the Best Cast Iron Skillets For Camping In 2023. Being an American product from a company that started in 1896, its durability and quality are undeniable. The skillet’s pre-seasoned surface ensures you can start cooking immediately after unpacking it at your campsite. It provides even heating across the pan and retains heat longer than typical cookware – perfect for making anything from bacon to burgers over an open fire.

This versatile skillet isn’t just ideal for campfire cooking; it works exceptionally well on stove tops and in ovens too. Its naturally seasoned surface improves with use offering an increasingly nonstick experience without any synthetic chemicals involved. Also, if you spot what looks like rust on arrival – don’t worry! It’s not damage but uncarbonized oil that will disappear with regular usage, ensuring this sturdy black beauty stands the test of time.

One feature that makes the Lodge stand out is its commitment to environmental responsibility – a factor which resonates strongly with camping enthusiasts who love nature as much as they enjoy their outdoor meals. So whether frying up some organic eggs or roasting marshmallows over the embers of your campfire, this skillet lives up to every promise – fulfilling professional standards while leaving minimal impact on Mother Nature.


  • Made in the USA with non – toxic materials
  • Unparalleled heat retention for even cooking
  • Easy to care for and remove rust spots
  • Pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish
  • Heavy and can be difficult to handle
  • Requires regular maintenance and seasoning to prevent rust
  • May not heat evenly on some stovetops

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for the home cook, camping enthusiast, or anyone looking for versatile and long-lasting cookware. Made in America with non-toxic material, this pre-seasoned skillet is an essential addition to any kitchen. Get yours today and experience the unparalleled heat retention and delicious cooking results that only cast iron can provide!

Product Info


Price: $19.90

2. 2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Perfect for outdoor cooking: even heat distribution and easy clean up.


  • Made from durable cast iron for long – lasting use
  • Cardinal Red color adds a pop of style to any kitchen
  • Induction stovetop compatible for versatile cooking options
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Oven safe for added convenience in the kitchen
  • Porcelain handle provides a comfortable grip while cooking.

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cast Iron Skillet is a fantastic addition to any camper’s cooking gear. Its cast iron construction ensures superior heat retention and even distribution, key qualities while cooking out in the open. The skillet quickly heats up and maintains an even temperature, making it ideal for frying chicken or grilling steaks over a campfire.

What sets this 12-Inch Chicken Fryer apart from its counterparts is how versatile it is. Besides being stove, oven and broiler safe, its porcelain enameled exterior makes for an ideal non-stick surface that doesn’t absorb odors or impart flavors onto your food – something highly appreciated when you are camping and need to use the pan for multiple dishes one after another. With such features coupled with easy maintenance (it’s dishwasher safe), it certainly earns its spot as No.2 on our list of best cast iron skillets.

This Cuisinart Cast Iron Skillet isn’t just about practicality; it also scores points in aesthetics with its rich Cardinal Red color that complements any kitchen decor – whether stationary or mobile! So next time you hit the great outdoors, make sure this robust yet stylish culinary companion accompanies you!


  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Strong and durable finish in rich colors complement any kitchen décor
  • Versatile and suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including stove, oven, and broiler
  • Superior heat retention and even heat distribution due to cast iron construction
  • Heavy and bulky, making it difficult to handle and maneuver
  • The enamel coating may chip or crack over time with regular use and cleaning
  • Expensive compared to other cast iron skillets on the market

This versatile and durable Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for the busy home cook who loves to entertain. Whether you’re camping, cooking on the stove or in the oven, this skillet will provide even heat distribution and a non-stick surface for effortless cooking and easy clean up. Don’t miss out on this essential kitchen tool for your next outdoor adventure or cozy family dinner!

Product Info


Price: $99.99

3. 3. Finex Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate care kit for preserving cast iron skillets while camping.


  • Made in the USA
  • High customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Compact and lightweight design (12.8 ounces)
  • Convenient package dimensions (7.2 x 5.28 x 1.34 inches)
  • Versatile cookware accessory

Earning the third spot in our list is the Finex Cast Iron Skillet, a piece that seamlessly blends functionality with durability. Specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this skillet upscales your camping cooking experience to new heights. The skillet’s high-quality construction featuring classic cast iron offers excellent heat retention and distribution, making it perfect for searing steaks or simmering stews over an open fire.

One notable feature included in the Finex package is the 3-Piece Cast Iron Care Kit. This kit contains Organic Flaxseed Oil with a drip-free eyedropper which eases the application of flaxseed oil on any cooking surface—ensuring long-lasting preservation of your cookware. Accompanying this are a Chain Link Scrubber made from durable stainless steel and an Oak Wood Scraper—both tools exceptionally designed to scrub away stubborn grit and reach into every corner of your skillet, effectively enhancing its longevity.

However, what sets this product apart is not just its outstanding durability but also its thoughtfulness towards convenient usage during camping trips. Given these reasons—from enhanced care tools to superior construction—it was clear that we could not miss out on ranking the Finex Cast Iron Skillet as our number three pick among top-notch skillets for camping.


  • Easy application of flaxseed oil to the cooking surface
  • Durable stainless steel scrubber safely removes grit and grime
  • Oak wood scraper effectively reaches and removes food from every corner of the skillet
  • Complete care kit ensures long – lasting preservation and optimal performance for generations
  • The 3 – Piece Cast Iron Care Kit may be an added expense for some consumers.
  • Some users may find the drip – free eyedropper difficult to use or prone to leakage.
  • The Oak Wood Scraper may not effectively remove all food particles from between the Grill Pan ribs.

This 3-Piece Cast Iron Care Kit from FINEX is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast looking to preserve and maintain their cast iron cookware for years to come. With its organic flaxseed oil, stainless-steel scrubber, and oak wood scraper, this kit has everything you need to keep your skillet in top condition during your camping trips. Don’t settle for mediocre cooking equipment – invest in the best and elevate your camping experience with our Finex Cast Iron Skillet care kit!

Product Info


Price: $60.00

4. 4. Staub Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Elevate your camping cooking game with exceptional browning capabilities.


  • Made of high – quality cast iron for durability and even heat distribution
  • Features a non – stick finish for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Oven safe up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit for versatile cooking options
  • Comes with a lid made of cast iron to retain heat and moisture during cooking
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • Offers a large capacity of 3.8 liters for preparing meals for the whole family

The Staub Cast Iron Skillet is an exceptional cooking tool for campers seeking quality and durability. Originating from France, it’s developed with the consultation of world-renowned chef Paul Bocuse, ensuring its excellent performance in outdoor culinary exploits. The Staub skillet’s unique matte enamel finish not only gives it a stylish hue but also provides a natural non-stick surface that is scratch- and chip-resistant – perfect when preparing rugged camping meals.

Key to its design is the tight-fitting flat lid, which features self-basting spikes for consistent juice distribution throughout cooking – guaranteeing your food remains moist and flavorsome even in rough camping conditions. With heat resistance up to 464°F, this cast iron dutch oven can endure high temperatures commonly encountered during campfire cooking. Thanks to the heavy weight lid lock-in moisture and evenly return juices onto food creating a great rainforest effect.

Finally, the skillet bottom compatibility extends across various heat sources – gas electric glass ceramic induction or halogen – making it versatile for different types of campsites setup. Moreover, it requires no seasoning due to its advanced interior finish contributing greatly on longer trips where maintenance resources could be limited. All these impressive attributes definitely make STAUB Cast Iron Dutch Oven stand out as one of our top picks among best cast iron skillets designed specifically for adventurous camping enthusiasts in 2023.


  • Made in France, developed with the expertise of renowned chef Paul Bocuse
  • Durable and resistant to scratches and chips
  • Provides exceptional browning due to unique interior matte texture
  • Versatile for use on all stovetops and oven safe up to 900F/482C
  • Expensive compared to other cast iron skillets
  • Heavy and may be difficult for some people to handle
  • Requires hand washing, which can be inconvenient for some users

For the adventurous camper looking for durable and high-quality cookware, the STAUB Cast Iron Skillet is a must-have. With its heat resistance, non-stick surface, and exceptional browning capabilities, this skillet is perfect for cooking up delicious meals over an open flame in 2023. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your camping cooking game – grab your STAUB Cast Iron Skillet now!

Product Info


Price: $211.63

5. 5. Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Lightweight, eco-friendly cast iron skillet for superior camping cooking.


  • Oven safe and compatible with various types of stovetops (gas, electric, induction)
  • Made in the USA with high – quality cast iron material
  • Versatile use for braising, searing, sautéing, frying, pan roasting, grilling, and baking
  • Comes with a care kit for easy maintenance
  • Durable construction can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Classic black color adds a stylish touch to any kitchen.

The Field Company Cast Iron Skillet is a stellar choice for campers seeking to combine modern quality with a touch of vintage charm in their outdoor cooking gear. This No.8 skillet, made completely in the USA, offers an ideal blend of design and functionality that’s sure to enhance your camping trips. It boasts a lighter weight at 4.5 lbs along with exceptional smoothness due to its machine-polished surface—mimicking the golden age of American cast iron craftsmanship.

Sustainability is also not left behind, as this skillet is produced from remelted scrap iron under strict ISO standards, thus promoting zero waste production. But what really sets it apart are its cooking properties; notable the natural nonstick feature which remarkably improves over time without any toxic substances involved—it comes pre-seasoned with organic grapeseed oil amplifying its usability right out of the box! And as a cherry on top, you get a comprehensive cast-iron care kit including essential cleaning accessories and seasoning oil—making maintaining your pan while camping hassle-free.

Whether it’s searing meat or simmering soups on different cooktops or grills during your camping expeditions—the Field Company Cast Iron Skillet truly delivers exquisite results every time. Its balance between lightweight portability and heat retention ensures you enjoy reliable cooking performance while easily manoeuvring around various heat sources like stovetop burners or induction ranges—even glass and ceramic ones! In sum, if you’re hunting for an all-American manufactured product being sustainably produced that further brings proven value-added benefits—we highly recommend adding this piece to your outdoor culinary lineup.


  • Naturally nonstick and nontoxic cooking surface
  • Sustainably produced with zero waste
  • Made in the USA using green sand castings like vintage American cast iron manufacturers
  • Compatible with all cooktops and grills
  • May be expensive compared to other cast iron skillets on the market
  • Requires regular maintenance and seasoning to maintain nonstick properties
  • Some users may find the weight of the skillet cumbersome for certain cooking tasks

The Field Company Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who values sustainability and quality in their cookware. Get your hands on this pre-seasoned, lightweight skillet and experience the smoothness of vintage American cast iron. Upgrade your camping cooking game now!

Product Info


Price: $185.00

6. 6. Victoria Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate camping essential for versatile cooking and healthy benefits.


  • Made from durable cast iron for long – lasting use
  • Can be used on gas, electric, and induction stovetops
  • Oven safe up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit for versatile cooking options
  • Hand wash only for easy maintenance
  • Compact size makes it perfect for individual servings or small dishes
  • Provides even heat distribution for consistent cooking results

When preparing for my camping trips, I always ensure to pack my Victoria 6-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet. Not only does it offer durability and excellent heat retention – essentials when you’re cooking over an open fire – but its pre-seasoned non-GMO flaxseed oil coating also adds a unique flavor to the meals while being a healthier option. The skillet’s long handle provides safety from the flames and makes handling easier, especially when flipping those pancakes or stirring up chili.

This versatile cast-iron frying pan is perfect for any type of meal preparation requirements in the great outdoors, whether it’s grilling steaks on the campfire grill or baking biscuits in a makeshift oven. And if you love serving hot food straight from the cookware (like me), this made-in-Colombia skillet keeps dishes warm for at least 15 minutes post-cooking – enough time to gather your fellow campers around the table! It’s compact size ensures portability without compromising on cooking surface area, making it one of my go-to items every camping season!

Keep in mind though that casting iron skillets require special care compared to other types of cookware; they must be hand-washed gently using minimal dish soap and dried immediately afterwards to prevent rusting. But considering how much use I get out of my little Victoria Cast Iron Skillet during each trip, taking extra care certainly feels like a small price to pay.


  • Versatile use for serving, cooking, baking, grilling, and oven-to-table
  • Releases trace amounts of iron for a boost in dietary minerals
  • Ready-to-use seasoning with non-GMO flaxseed oil coating
  • Greater heat retention and distribution for longer – lasting hot food
  • Heavy and may be difficult to handle for some users
  • Small size may not be suitable for larger cooking tasks or meals
  • Requires regular maintenance and seasoning to prevent rusting

“Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! The Victoria Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for anyone who loves camping, grilling, and cooking over an open flame. With its versatile features and healthy benefits, this skillet is a must-have for every adventurer’s kitchen arsenal. Upgrade your cookware game now!”

Product Info


Price: $14.85

7. 7. Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Elevate your outdoor cooking game with this seasoned cast iron skillet!


  • Made of durable cast iron for long – lasting use
  • Comes with a nonstick coating for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Can be used in the dishwasher for convenient cleanup
  • Features an oven – safe design for versatile cooking options
  • The 12 – inch size offers ample cooking space for various dishes
  • Hand washing is recommended to maintain the skillet’s quality

As an avid camper, the Camp Chef 12″ Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet has become a mainstay in my outdoor cooking gear. This skillet showcases a thoughtful design with its helper handle and comfort grip main handle that makes carrying it around the campsite or pouring out cooked meals a breeze.

The product’s dual pour spouts are another impressive feature – they’re perfect for when you need to evenly distribute sauces or drain excess oil from your dishes. With these amenities, this skillet sure takes camping cookware convenience up a notch. Additionally, the true seasoned finish on this cast iron skillet saves users some time as it comes pre-seasoned and ready to use immediately right out of the packaging.

One notable benefit of using this Camp Chef cast iron skillet is how uniformly it heats up irrespective of whether you’re using an open fire or a gas stove at your campsite. The heat retention is also remarkably sustained which ensures all meals are thoroughly cooked. Personally, I have made everything from bacon and eggs to searing steaks on this durable piece without any issues whatsoever! It only reiterates why it deserves its spot among top-tier skillets suited for camping expeditions in 2023 undoubtedly.


  • Helper handle for easy carrying and pouring
  • Comfort design handle for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Dual pour spouts for convenient pouring without the need of additional utensils
  • True Seasoned Finish ensures superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Heavy and bulky, making it less portable for camping or traveling
  • Requires extra care and attention for proper seasoning and maintenance
  • May have uneven heat distribution, leading to potential hot spots while cooking

Calling all campers and outdoor cooking enthusiasts! The Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillet is perfect for anyone who loves to cook over a fire while enjoying the great outdoors. With its durable construction, convenient features, and seasoned finish, this skillet will be your go-to choice for all your camping trips in 2023. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your camping gear – grab yours today and elevate your outdoor cooking game!

Product Info


Price: $24.99

8. 8. Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Perfect for adventurous grill masters and campfire cooking enthusiasts.


  • Cast iron skillet with a nonstick coating
  • Oven safe and compatible with gas stoves
  • Durable and long – lasting material
  • 2 – quart capacity for cooking large meals
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Simple Chef brand known for quality kitchen products

As an avid camper, I couldn’t ask for a more versatile cooking companion than the Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set. Pre-seasoned and ready to use right out of the box, these skillets bring together high-quality construction with excellent value. Their design provides unparalleled heat retention and even distribution, ensuring your campfire meals turn out perfectly every time – whether you’re frying up some bacon for breakfast or sautéing vegetables for dinner.

The different skillet sizes (10″, 8″ and 6″) made it easy to accommodate various meal portions or simultaneous cooking tasks. These pans’ heavy-duty nature has been nothing short of impressive. They’ve survived multiple camping trips without scratches or damages, justifying their claim as virtually indestructible pieces of cookware. Furthermore, their handy hole-in-handle design simplifies hanging when not in use.

But perhaps one of my favorite aspects of this set is its multi-functionality; suitable for oven use at home, stove-top cooking at campsites, grilling over open fires – practically any method I could think of! And due to its superior pre-seasoning done factory-side compared to at-home methods makes these cast iron skillets nearly non-stick and exceptions easy-to-clean after usage – a boon in those pesky outdoor cleaning scenarios! The Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet truly stands tall among other contenders like Lodge Cast Iron sets with its quality workmanship that enhances flavor-filled outdoor cooking experiences grandly.


  • 30 – day satisfaction guarantee
  • Superior heat retention for perfect cooking results
  • Multi – functional and suitable for various cooking methods
  • Ready to use straight out of the box with factory pre – seasoning
  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Requires proper care and maintenance to prevent rusting
  • The smallest skillet may be too small for certain cooking tasks

Are you an adventurous grill master or a home cook looking for restaurant-quality cast iron skillets? Look no further! The Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set is perfect for anyone who loves cooking over a campfire or in the comfort of their own kitchen. Don’t miss out on the best cast iron skillet set on the market and elevate your cooking game with our pre-seasoned, heavy-duty pans. Order now and taste the difference in flavor and heat retention!

Product Info


Price: $34.99

9. 9. Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Versatile and Durable Skillet Set for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts


  • Pre – seasoned cast iron skillet for immediate use
  • Nonstick coating for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees Celsius
  • Hand wash only for optimal care
  • Compatible with gas stoves
  • Durable construction from China, with a capacity of 2 quarts

Utopia Kitchen’s Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set is a game-changer for campers seeking durability and versatility in their cooking equipment. This 3-piece nonstick frying pan set, available in three practical sizes—6, 8, and 10 inches—is crafted from high-quality cast iron. Its standout feature is the excellent heat distribution that ensures evenly cooked meals every single time, whether you’re grilling steaks on an open fire or sautéing veggies on a camping stove.

One of the best traits about this Utopia Kitchen skillet set lies within its simple maintenance routine: just wash with hot soapy water, dry it thoroughly, and season with vegetable oil to keep them rust-free and ready for your next adventure. What makes these skillets even more user-friendly are the unique handles designed for easy maneuvering and safe pouring—a huge plus when dealing with hot food out in nature. Whether you’re planning to roast chicken under the stars or braise some beef amidst mountainscapes, this skillet set has got you covered.

Overall, if you’re looking for resilient cookware offering superior performance without sacrificing portability—the Utopia Kitchen Saute fry pan – Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set is definitely worth considering as part of your camping gear upgrades for 2023. By ensuring even heat distribution while also being compatible with any heating source—these pans have certainly earned their place amongst top-tier outdoor cooking essentials.


  • Versatile usage on any heating source
  • Even heat distribution for improved cooking experience
  • Pre – seasoned for enhanced flavor and easy cleaning
  • Bundle of three sizes ideal for domestic and outdoor use
  • The cast iron skillet set requires seasoning before use, which may be an extra step for some users.
  • The skillets need to be cooled completely before washing, which can be time – consuming.
  • The handles on the skillets may become hot during cooking and require the use of pot holders or oven mitts.

The Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet set is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to cook while camping. With its versatile usage and even heat distribution, this pre-seasoned skillet set is ideal for cooking delicious meals over a campfire. So why wait? Get your hands on these non-toxic and durable skillets now!

Product Info


Price: $27.99

Comparison of Features and Benefits

Before you hit the road for your next camping adventure, take a look at this comparison table. It provides an overview of the features and benefits of the top nine cast iron skillets we will be taking a look at.

RankNameKey FeaturesBenefits
1Lodge Cast Iron SkilletLighter in weight, superior heat distributionEasy to carry, provides even browning of foods
2Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cast Iron SkilletDurable, small pour spoutA solid investment, but watch out for drippage while pouring liquids
3Finex Cast Iron SkilletHigh-quality cast iron, useful kitchen accessoryHeats food evenly, a must-have for outdoor cooking enthusiasts
4Staub Cast Iron SkilletSuperior heat retention, lab-testedEnsures food cooks perfectly, proven performance
5Field Company Cast Iron SkilletDurable build, heats food evenlyA great investment that makes cooking a breeze
6Victoria Cast Iron SkilletExcellent heat distribution, high-quality buildEnsures food is cooked evenly and is built to last
7Camp Chef Cast Iron SkilletPractical design, easy to cleanSimplified cooking and clean-up process
8Simple Chef Cast Iron SkilletDurable construction, high heat retentionBuild to last and ensures food cooks perfectly
9Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron SkilletEven heating, durable qualityPerfect for a variety of dishes, built to last for years

By comparing the features and benefits of each of these skillets, you can find the perfect one for your camping culinary needs. Whether it’s the lightweight Lodge Cast Iron skillet or the lab-tested Staub Cast Iron skillet, each has its unique benefits that could make it your new favorite piece of cookware.


In conclusion, investing in a quality cast iron skillet enhances your camping experience exponentially. Between the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, with its versatility and durability, and the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Skillet which brings both style and convenience into your outdoor cooking; you simply can’t go wrong.

Make sure to get one of these top-notch skillets for your 2023 camping adventures!


1. What is the best cast iron skillet for camping?

The best cast iron skillet for camping offers a non-stick cooking surface, is pre-seasoned and can be used over an open fire.

2. How do I use a dutch oven on my camping trip?

You can hang a dutch oven from a tripod or set it directly on the camp stove or open flame to cook your food during your camping trip.

3. Is cast iron cookware suitable for cooking over an open fire?

Yes, cast iron cookware such as skillets and Dutch ovens are great options for cooking over an open fire while on a camping adventure.

4. Why should I choose cast-iron pans over aluminum pots when going car camping?

Cast-iron pans are preferred due to their ability to retain heat evenly which allows you to prepare tasty meals even in outdoor settings like car-camping trips.

5. Can new cast-iron skillets match up with old ones in terms of performance?

Both old and new cast-iron skillets provide virtually identical performance provided they have proper seasoning; however, some cooks still prefer the feel of time-tested old-skillets while out at campfires!

6. Will bigger size frypans prove more advantageous during long haul wilderness camps?

Larger skillets offer ample cooking surface accommodating larger meals, making them fantastic choices if you’re planning extensive stays enjoying nature’s wonder!

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