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My name is Vojta Vevera, and I am the force behind www.homecookingtech.com, the website that aims to make cooking easier every day.

I have decided to go on this journey for a couple of reasons.

The first one is that I have spent most of my professional life as an IT support guy. Do you know someone in your office who sits behind his computer and can solve your computer-related issues within minutes? Yep, that’s me. And as passionate I am about computers the same way I feel about cooking.

I tend to get giddy as a little girl when someone asks me about home cooking. Temperatures, styles, cutting ingredients, what spices fit the best to specific meat, or how would I make french onion soup. 

I love it all

On this website, I am trying to do my best to help you understand how things work, the ins and outs of every cooking technique, or resolve difficulties you may encounter in your home kitchen. 

Most information you can find here is aimed at home cooks. Still, I am confident that even seasoned chefs will discover many valuable gems on my site. 

The second primary reason for my website is to help address common issues and challenges people encounter in the kitchen.

Whether you are a skilled cook or just starting out, you have likely faced difficulties or problems while cooking at home. My goal is to provide resources and solutions to help you overcome these challenges and become a more confident and successful home cook.

My website www.homecookingtech.com is the right place to solve them all. 

The third reason is that I like to learn, discover, and verify things about cooking. It is always great to find a new fantastic cooking technique and transfer it to someone else. 

For example, recently, I have taught my father-in-law how to make a perfect poached egg every time. It is a great thing that I am proud of. I love to transfer these pieces of information to others that may face similar difficulties with anything cooking-related.

I had more than my fair share of them. And even though I have more than 15 years of cooking experience under my belt and I have been able to eliminate many of them, some remain and tend to keep me awake at night.

One of the best solutions to problems and issues in the kitchen are tools and cooking appliances, simply HomeCookingTech (pun intended). Fancy steak dinner for someone you love? Sous-vide is your friend. Running late from work and have to cook for a big family? Don’t worry, and grab your instant pot. It is worth it. Have some free time for prep, but want to spend the rest with kids or relaxing? A slow cooker runs to your aid. If you don’t believe me, check here how does the slow cooker work.

I know it might sound a bit crazy, but believe me, having a specialized appliance for everything is a good idea. It simplifies your life while giving you a wide range of possibilities.

If you have one thing that can do “everything,” you have to look into the guide to check if You can use it or what temp and program do I have to set the magical box to cook what you want.

Can I open it while it is cooking? Can I add something in while it is cooking? Does it have to be supervised all the time? Can I pause the program and start it again later? And so on and so on… it is mind-numbing.

It brings more problems than it is worth. So the best solution is to have a specialized home cooking tech for every issue and occasion because, in the end, it saves time, money, effort, and most importantly, nerves.

Sure, you can deep fry in any pot you already have. Still, you have to change the temperature of your stove all the time, up and down all the time. Like some crazy alchemist, you have to have that perfect temp to make chicken crispy, yet not dry, to dine like royalty.

And now imagine that you have a machine on which you just set the temp; it heats the oil and cleanly and efficiently. It does everything you need for deep frying your way to haven. It is becoming apparent now, but the deep fryers are also worth it, even if you use them just a few times a month.

So what am I doing here?

Saving your money, time, and nerves by doing all the research, testing, and finding out the best thing you can buy and use to make your everyday cooking easier, struggle-free, and giving you more time with your loved ones.

That’s my goal. That’s what I am doing here because I love everything cooking-related. Cooking itself, talking about it, thinking about it, writing about it, and most importantly, helping others cook better and easier every day.

I do hope that you will enjoy your time here and see you in one of my articles.

Have a great day and enjoy your cooking.


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