Slow Cookers

Low and slow. That’s the game they play. If you are looking for that succulent, tender meat or no hands on soup, you are looking at the candidates for the job.

Rice Cookers

Ever wanted to have rice done as perfectly as you can get it in your local Chinese bistro? The fluffy yet firm base that can be eaten alone or be a base for your latest Asian creation.

Deep Fryers

They might not be used on daily basis, but when you need one you are super glad that you have one. Coat that chicken, throw it into the hot oil and after few minutes you can enjoy the recipe yo mam used to make.


They are everywhere. Every home, every restaurant and now even on every college. It was my first appliance and I am using it still today, not only for warming up food but also for cooking it.


If you have ever done potato mash or pea soup you know, that blenders are a super important part of any kitchen. Also, they are almost a must in preparation of tons sauces while at the same time providing a quick and easy way to blend ingredients together.

Air Fryers

When you get tired of deep frying everything or you want to go with healthier option, while still enjoy that crunchy crust on your chicken, there is this new cool option.


Providing a perfect base for any good American breakfast. There are so many options from real simple ones to complex beasts. I try to look at a wide range of them and answer the tough questions laid down by our readers.

Food Processors

All my life I was confusing the food processors and mixers and while it may seem that they are doing the same thing, they are definitely not. Wanna know the difference? Click and find out more.


Sometimes you just want to have a fresh juice, but you don’t want to squeeze it out with your bare hands, that makes a mess and you lose quite a bit of juice. So how about the machine, that can do that and more for you? Sounds cool right?

Pressure Cookers

While their brothers are better in slow cooking and combining all flavors into one masterpiece, these boys will bring you tender meat in seconds. Maybe losing a bit on taste, but there is still magic and you have the added bonus of time that you save along the way.